• Les Abattis

    From 25,00 
    IGP Val de Loire Vendée
    This cuvée is made with our oldest Pinot Noir vines. Thanks to their old and deep root system, they draw their minerality from the faults in the grey-blue schists and express the quintessence of the terroirs of the locality “La Fremière”.
  • Les Barrelières

    From 16,50 
    IGP Val de Loire Vendée
    This cuvée is made at 100% from the variety Négrette. This grape variety which is mainly known for its almost unique presence in the southern area of Fronton, has also traditionnally always existed in Brem. This extremely fragile variety is difficult to cultivate and can be lost to Botrytis within 24 hours when it is ripe. However, with the alliance of appropriate care and meticulous viticulture it can give exceptional results.
  • Fief de la Gîte

    From 16,50 
    IGP Val de Loire Vendée
    This cuvée comes from our Pinot Noir vines planted at the Fief de la Gîte, on its most stony side. It is an elegant Pinot Noir with fine, smooth tannins and hints of red berries.
  • Gamay 2 sans toi

    From 8,90 
    IGP Val de Loire Vendée
    Gamay 2 sans toi is a cuvée made at 100% from Gamay so as to favor the pure expression of this variety’s fruitiness. It is a naturally lively and fruity wine to enjoy with your friends !
  • À l’Orée, rouge

    From 10,90 
    AOC Fiefs Vendéens Brem
    This cuvée is our expression of the AOC Fiefs Vendéens-Brem. It is made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Négrette that come from different plots of our domain.
  • Confidentiel

    From 19,50 
    IGP Val de Loire Vendée
    Confidentiel is our cuvée made from 100% Pineau d’Aunis. IMPORTANT : This product is currently out of stock and unavailable !